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Nicolas Dromer

The director of the IMD, Nicolas Dromer, is a professional musician, holder of the Higher National Professional Musician Diploma at the NSCMDP*, and the most titled hunting horn player as well as a certified teacher by obtaining a Master's degree on the occasion of which he wrote an educational and technical guide for the hunting horn.

* National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris

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The hunting horn

Excellent in all registers of this instrument, he is Champion of France and six times International Solo Championseven times French Champion of second voice and four times International Bass Champion.

At the Carrouges competition, in the Orne, he won the individual European Cup four times. He is four times International Group Champion with the Rallye Atlantique.

In 2011, during the Lion d'Angers International Championship, he became the unprecedented hunting horn player with the most titles at an international festival, winning six national and international titles in six events, all categories, on the same weekend. He will be International Champion of “solo” and “bass”, Champion of France of Louvière (“venery” competition), duo, second voice and trio. He will achieve the same feat in 2021 at the international festival of Sully sur Loire, winning five of the categories : international solo, bass, duo, trio championships as well as the Louvière.



It is to date, with more than forty individual titles and ensembles (national, European and international), the most successful hunting horn player of all categories, and he naturally became one of the leaders of the contemporary musical hunting horn.


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The trumpet

Nicolas Dromer did his first part of training at the conservatory of Tours.  He joined the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris (NSCMDP) in 2011, in the trumpet class of Clément Garrec and Pierre Gillet.


Since 2012, he plays in prestigious orchestras like the orchestra of the Opéra National de Paris, the music stage of the Opéra de Paris, the Chamber Orchestra of Paris or the Ensemble Inter-Contemporain.

In 2014, he obtained his National Superior Professional Musician Diploma, with honors. In 2016, he will conclude his career at NSCMDP with a 1st Prize for trumpet, mention Very Good, as well as a master's degree rewarding the writing of his Educational and Technical Guide for the hunting horn with, again, the mention Very Good.

Since 2018, this book has been published by Gérard Billaudot editions. He is currently a trumpeter within the Music of the Guardians of the Peace.

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