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Perinet Hunting Horn
Nicolas Dromer

When an instruments manufacturer offers a signature instrument, it is because he relies on the skills of a recognized soloist musically, technically and pedagogically in his art.

Musically and technically, because it is essential that the artist has an advanced mastery which he will put at the service of instrumental craftsmanship, then pedagogically, because the reflection on the creation of a new instrument must give an interest of research and progress for future musicians who will acquire it.

Manufacturer Périnet and his director Yannick Bureau would like you to discover a hunting horn whose goal is to bring the player towards the progress and to make them reach the sensations of the soloist and improve without limits.

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​"After these long years of musical studies with more than 20 years of instrumental practice which aim at perfection at all times, this instrument allowed me to combine all the assets I was looking for in a hunting horn.

The first quality of this horn is the sound : thanks to specific research on the bell, Harald Bosch (Périnet crafter) and I were able to find qualities combining at the same time a powerful and warm timbre as well as homogeneous and brilliant sound.

Its shape will have the particularity of welcoming our hand with ease to have louder coverred (stopped) sounds than before. This cauldron bell is accompanied by a nickel silver garland which adds a lot to the richness and warmth of its timbre. To be noted, the exceptional and technical work of research on the accuracy of each note made by the crafter.

Then comes a great research on the chimney (or mouthpiece tube) made by our friend Alain Roux, with whom I was able to find precisely the support I was looking for in order to be able to sound with less effort but still more sound. Just awesome !

All this work, masterfully orchestrated by Yannick Bureau, director of the Périnet house, without whom nothing could have succeeded. I also associate at the end of this research, Tony Berthellemy, Périnet partner. Many thanks to them."

Nicolas Dromer

Perinet ND détourée2.png

Listen to the Périnet Nicolas Dromer !

La Dupuytrem et les reflets de Viljot
la Michèle DEBOLD et la Champchevrier
la Maurice HERMET et au montoir du creux chemin

It is possible to adapt this instrument to you and your morphology.

A Perinet mouthpiece is more than recommended. Developed by Yannick Bureau, with my participation as an advisor, Périnet mouthpieces are currently the mouthpieces that provide the most resonance and sound projection that I have been able to test on the market.

Try this instrument as if you were having a new experience and do not hesitate to ask me directly for advice.

For any question and any information on this mouthpiece or on the Périnet material, contact me here...  - ND

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