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IMD Annexes

Joining an annex of the IMD means progressing as a hunting horn player supervised by a IMD certified teacher.  This is the assurance of a pedagogical guarantee of quality.  These teachers are in continuing education and under the weekly follow-up by Nicolas Dromer, international soloist, musician graduated from the Paris CNSMD and international hunting horn champion.

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Nicolas Dromer

Annexes of Anet (FR 28), Anthony (FR 92), Celles-sur-Belle (FR 79), Paris (FR 75), Versailles (FR 78)

Founder and Director of the IMD

Six times International Hunting Horn Champion

Graduated from CNSMD Paris

Professional trumpeter

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Nicolas Dromer.jpg

Jerome Duchalais

Annexes of Anet (FR 28) and Maulette (FR 78)

Huntsman and charmed very early by the horn, it was not until 2015 that he began the horn with the Children of Saint Hubert and Yannick Bureau.  In 2019, he joined the Dromer Musical Institute, closer to home.  The rigorous pedagogy and method offered him rapid progress and he obtained the Brevet du Sonneur (Hunting Horn basics exam) the same year.  The horn became a passion and the pleasure of sharing was increased tenfold by the friendships made during lessons, courses and other outings.

Jerome Duchalais.jpg

He joined the Federation des Trompes d'Ile de France and joined the "Rallye Vau Van" and the "Rallye Trompe d'Yauville".  Echos de la Foret de Rambouillet” and supports beginners at the IMD.

Gilles Herman

Annex of Saint-Hubert (BE)

He started playing the hunting horn in 1997 in Bertrix, with Jules and Bertrand Bourgeois, then Patrick Lassence.  In the early 2000s, he met Philippe Carabin who became his mentor, group director and friend.  They will play a little over twenty years together, a period during which Gilles learns music theory and forms as a group player in several voices.  2016 will be the year of meeting with Nicolas Dromer and he then quickly reached the 1st international category and became Benelux champion.  He progressed with him in music theory, then founded the École de Trompe Saint-Hubert and an annex of the IMD.

Gilles Herman.jpg

Gilles has the chance to practice the horn with his family : with his father and his cousin. Saint Hubert d'Ardenne (in which he takes part in concerts with orchestras and choirs) and member of the FITF Educational Commission.

In July 2022, he brilliantly succeeded in moving up to the silver level of the IMD with very high technical, educational and musical qualities.

Romain Bernelas

Annexes of Parthenay (FR 79), Poitiers (FR 86),

Montreal (CAN)Quebec (CAN)

Romain started playing horn at the age of 6 with the Rallye de la Sorinière, a hunting horn group and crew created by his dad. From the age of 8, he perfected his skills with Michel Simon at the Courance Rally. Then comes a meteoric rise in the federal competitions, winning his category year after year at the French championship (winner in 4th category in 1997, winner of 3rd cat. in 1998, winner of 2nd cat. in 2000. He joined the prestigious Débuché de Paris for one year. From 2010 to 2020, he was a member of the no less famous Rallye Atlantique with which he won, alongside Nicolas Dromer, two titles of international company champion.

Romain Bernelas.png

Falling in love with Canada, in love with this country and his Canadian girlfriend, a professional horn player in Montreal, he decides to embark on this great adventure which will aim to develop the hunting horn across the Atlantic, within the teaching team of the IMD.

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