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The Institut Musical Dromer

The IMD is for everyone : young people and adults, beginners, students or music professionals.
Its purpose is to offer you, in the best educational conditions,

quality culture and practice in the disciplines offered.

All this makes it possible to develop both amateur musical practices and to train high level teachers.

"Living by and for music"

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The IMD aims to develop music education : musical and instrumental training, collective practice classes, public performances by students and their teachers, ...

Whether you are uninitiated or confirmed, it is a question of allowing you to master the means of expression, knowledge and musical techniques in relation to your discipline. To this end​, the teaching covers a wide range of musical disciplines which relate both to the development of ensemble practices (instrumental and vocal) and woodwind practice or brass instruments (trumpet and hunting horn), without forgetting choral singing.

The IMD also aims to train, via its “IMD Label”, high-level teachers who will be able to open secondary schools recognized and labeled by the DMI.

More generally, the IMD is thought of as a place of dissemination, teaching and creation. As a true “resource center”, it is part of the continuity of the artistic and cultural education course (PEAC) by allowing everyone, at their own pace, to build a quality personnal artistic culture.

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